Monday, June 26, 2017






Rick Robinson said...

Was. Bret Sterling a pseudonym of Hamilton for these?

Evan Lewis said...

Here's an entry from the online Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. It sounds complicated.

BRETT STERLING: A House Name of Better Publications, used originally in the magazines Startling Stories and Captain Future for five short Captain Future novels, three of which – "The Star of Dread" (Captain Future 1943), "Magic Moon" (Captain Future 1944) and "Red Sun of Danger" (Startling Stories 1945; vt Danger Planet 1968) – were by Edmond Hamilton. Two Sterling Captain Future stories by Joseph Samachson are "Days of Creation" (Captain Future 1944; vt The Tenth Planet 1969) and "Worlds to Come" (Captain Future 1943). The Sterling pseudonym was used once more by Hamilton for "Never the Twain Shall Meet" (Fall 1946 Thrilling Wonder) and once by Ray Bradbury for "Referent" (October 1948 Thrilling Wonder). [PN]

Charles Gramlich said...

great stuff. I wonder, if you're called Captain Future, do you really need the subtitle "man of tomorrow?"

Evan Lewis said...

Hm. Superman was the "Man of Tomorrow," too, but I don't know when he got the name. Wonder who stole it from whom?

Matthew Clark said...

Hamilton would end up writing Superman for DC in the Silver Age.

Just finished a new Captain Future novel by Allen M. Steele called "Avengers of the Moon" . It's published by New York : Tor/A Tom Doherty Associates Book. it has a nice retro feel to it, but with science.

How many Captain Future stories did Ray Bradbury do? Were they ever included in his anthologies?