Monday, January 29, 2018

BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON Part 1 (1980-81)

All pics thanx to Art Scott, Ace Photographer

1980 - Washington D.C.

with Judy Crider

with Walter Albert and John Nieminski

with Ellen Nehr

 doing the Funky Chicken

1981 - Milwaukee

Bill's first novel

with Marv Lachman

with Robert Randisi (at right)

with Steve Mertz, Frank Denton, Jeff Smith and Joe Lansdale

with Steve Stillwell

with John Nieminski

with Jeff Meyerson and Joe Lansdale

with Walter Albert

Thanks to Cap'n Bob Napier for helping put names to some of these folks. Any errors are no doubt my own.


Jerry House said...

The fourth one down is not Bill! It may be an evil cyborg designed to look like him. My evidence? He/it is holding a Pepsi and not a Dr. Pepper!

Evan Lewis said...

You think that's unbelievable? Stay tuned. You'll see one of him drinking a Coke!

Art Scott said...

Unknown in Milwaukee with Denton, Smith etc. is Steve Mertz.

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks Art. I fixed that. How about the guy between Bill and Bob Randisi?

Cap'n Bob said...

I thought it was Mertz but wasn't 100% sure.

Art Scott said...

Semi-stumped on that guy. I think a short-term apa member, maybe David Grothe or Brian KenKnight. Stilwell might know. Others in partial profile: Dorothy Nathan in #2, Guy Townsend in #6.