Wednesday, January 31, 2018

BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON Part 3 (1985-87)

Pics by Art Scott, Photographer to the Stars

1985 - San Francisco

with Bill Deeck (on right)

with Ron Harris, Marv Lachman and Jeff Smith

with Hal Rice and Steve Stilwell

1986 - Baltimore

Bill before his nose job

with Ellen Nehr

The Alligator Man

with Bill Trojan

1987 - Minneapolis

No Comment Dept.

with Richard Moore

with a shadow box of his office, created by Estelle Blair.  Art Scott has one of his own "Sleaze Suite." Raise your hand if you want to see it.

with Bruce Taylor (disguised as Kirby Puckett) and Ross Thomas

with George Kelley

with a sponge, a bar of soap or a wood carving

wtih Judy, Frank Denton and Joann Vicarel

with the world's ugliest kitty cat

with help from Bob and Art


Art Scott said...

The shadow box realization of Bill's office was crafted by the late, great Estelle Blair from San Francisco, who made them as gifts for friends & mystery writers she liked. I have two in my office. One is her imagining of my office, the other is labeled "Art Scott's Sleaze Suite". I wouldn't part with them for any money.

I do believe that's Ross Thomas with Bill & Bruce. Joann Vicarel, not Ann.

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks again, Art. The post has been duly corrected.

Anonymous said...

Art had fill-in that camera?

David Laurence Wilson

Art Scott said...

Raise your hands all you like. I've made several tries at photographing the shadow boxes with no success. Reflections off the glass are the main problem, plus the sidewalls and floor are also decorated. The boxes are securely glued together, so there's no way of removing the front glass without busting the thing up. Private viewings can be arranged, however.

Evan Lewis said...


Cap'n Bob said...

Is that Bubbles and not Ann Smith?