Sunday, July 29, 2018

Western Films You MAY Have Missed (1919 Part 1)


TC said...

Was Marked Men a remake of Three Godfathers? It looks like it.

Oscar Case said...

Thanks for the post. Some of the actors, like Jack Hoxie, never heard of. Colorful posters.

Cap'n Bob said...

"A typical Mix drama..." Not big on the hard sell, were they?

I think Three Godfathers would have come afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Marked Men (1919), directed by John Ford, was a version of 3 Godfathers. There was a previous version in 1916. Both films starred Harry Carey Sr.

There was also a 1930 version, Hell's Heroes, starring Charles Bickford.

It was remade, with the original title, in 1936 (with Chester Morris, Lewis Stone, and Walter Brennan), and in 1948 (with John Wayne, Harry Carey Jr., and Pedro Armendariz).

Anonymous said...

Henry Starr played himself in Debtor to the Law, which was based on his autobiography. In his outlaw career, which spanned 30 years, he robbed more banks than Jesse James, Bill Doolin, and the Daltons combined.

Although the movie was a smash hit, Starr soon went back to robbing banks. He was shot and killed by a bank president during an attempted robbery in Arkansas in 1921.