Monday, September 24, 2018

Major League Baseball in Portland? Bring it On!

I've had baseballmania for the past few months - not because of what's going on with my team (the Twins) or the league, but because Portland has been gearing up to bid for an expansion or relocated team. The Portland Diamond Project has not yet revealed who the moneymen are, but Atlanta Brave great Dale Murphy has signed on as an advisor, and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and singer Ciara on board as part owners. The group hopes to announce a stadium location soon. 

The pic above is not a Portland Diamond Project production. It was my entry into a contest to design a sign to be waved around on ESPN's College GameDay. 

Below is the official PDP hat, which has been pretty much glued to my head since July. Yeah, it looks like a Detroit Tigers logo, but it's actually based on caps worn at various times by the old Portland Beavers of the Pacific Coast League.

Anyway, I attended an event yesterday where six local designers presented ideas for team names, logos and uniforms. I present them all below. These were NOT commissioned by the Portland Diamond Project, but sponsored by a number of local businesses who are as eager as I for a team. I had high hopes of seeing some cool names and designs, but left underwhelmed. I didn't like any of them, and one in particular was merely an unfunny joke. 

Still, my enthusiam for baseball in Portland is undimmed. I hope to have more news soon.


Rick Robinson said...

We already have The Hops, I don't think we need another team.

Evan Lewis said...

Nothing wrong with the Hops! (Except that they're way down in Hillsboro, and the Northwest League is five levels removed from the Majors.)

Cap'n Bob said...

You realize that if Portland gets a professional baseball team than Seattle will want one, too. (Gobe's joke.)

But I want to suggest a few relevant names: The Portland Granola Heads, The Portland Tree Huggers, The Portland Libtards, The Portloabnd Bitter Beer Brewers, The Portland Jaywalkers.

Cap'n Bob said...

Portloabnd? The flying fingers were all over the map that night.

Mike Britt said...

The Portland Weirdos.

Can this market actually support another major league franchise?

Evan Lewis said...

You bet, Mr. B. And an NFL team too. The Portland market is larger than Pittsburg, Baltimore, Indianapolis, San Diego, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Milwaukie, Jacksonville, New Orleans and Buffalo.