Sunday, September 9, 2018

Movie Posters of 1919 (Part 1)


Shay said...

"True Heart Susie" is available to view at the Internet Archive. It's about as treacle-y as they come.

Evan Lewis said...

I'd rather see "The Trail of the Octopus."

Matthew Clark said...

"The Trail of the Octopus" is available to rent, or own, through The Serial Squadron. It was produced in Ithaca, New York during a short period when there was a film studio there.

I've been reading about the era of the nickelodeon, when movies were shown in storefront theaters. These posters give you the feeling of how exciting those times were for viewers. Today, we focus on how primitive these films look to us, but for folks at the time, these were "the stuff that dreams are made of."