Tuesday, December 11, 2018

3D Without Glasses? Read "Nightmare" in TRUEVISION (1954)

In repsonse to the 3D craze, ACG Comics rolled out this Truevision gimmick to simulate 3D without glasses. Did it work? Not really, but it's still sort of cool. See for yourself, in this example from Adventures into the Unknown #51, from January 1954. The art is by Harry Lazarus. This ish was uploaded to comicbookplus by "shazam_tx".


Mike Britt said...

I've often wondered if the printers charged more for producing these as they are probably drinking up twice the amount of ink. When they came out I bought a couple of them and was disappointed and also was not impressed with the ME REDMASK attempt. Of course I wasn't really impressed with the actual 3D comics either because I got a headache after only reading a few pages.

Evan Lewis said...

I'm a big honkin' 3D fan. Mighty Mouse, Three Stooges, the ECs. Wish I could post some stories here, but so far I can't get my scans to work on a computer screeen. Have you seen the DEEP DIMENSION stuff in Crime and Punishment? That's REALLY lame.