Monday, December 17, 2018

Your FURTHER Excuse to Collect Playboy (Hint: It's "Elementary")

December 1953

As you may or may not recall, last Thursday I did a post about Hugh Hefner pinching pennies by running public domain Sherlock Holmes stories in the first three issues of Playboy. Online, I'd found only a distorted pic of the artwork for issue 1, so I issued a plea for someone to send me the art for the others.

Well. Let's give three cheers and a 21-gun salute to Mr. Ed Vosik, who came through with the goods. He sent not only the art and titles from issues 2 and 3, but a much-improved look at that artwork from number 1. He found it, he explains, reproduced in The Playboy Reader. A little googling tells me they published a Twelfth Anniversary edition of such a book in 1965, and a Twentieth Anniversary volume in 1974.

Thanks again, Ed! On with the Sherlock . . . 

January 1954

February 1954

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