Saturday, January 5, 2019

Dan Turner, HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE in Color! "Strangler's Ballet" (1952)

Steve Mertz will be happy this week, with a double dose of Adolphe Barreaux.

In November, 1952, Crime Smashers #13 presented this swell DT adventure. In 2009, "freddyfly" uploaded it to comicbookplus. And here it is again. 

But I happen to remember the orignal version of this one, and posted it here a few years ago. It appeared in black and white in the February 1949 issue of Hollywood Detective, and changes have been made, both in art and dialogue. Apparently the critical clue in the pulp version - breast size - was too racy for the comics, so it was changed to hair color. The second page of the original story was also deleted, but since there's nothing racy there, I have to guess that was merely a space saving measure. The credit to Barreaux was deleted in the comic, probably because the changes to the art (mostly in hair and clothing) were done by someone else. 

We present both versions here for your inspection.

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