Saturday, January 19, 2019

Dan Turner, HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE in Color! "The Poisoned Puppet" (1953)

Sadly, this is likely the last in our Dan Turner in Color series. This one appeared in Crime Smashers #15, from March 1953, which was the final issue of that mag (uploaded to comicbookplus, I should add, by "narfstar"), with the art attributed to Tony Tallarico.  One more story appeared, we are told, in Crime Mysteries #8, but that one does not appear on the site, and it ain't likely I'll be able to find (or afford) a copy of my own.  If anyone out there has that one, and would care to scan it for us, legions of Turner fans would be mighty thankful!

Meanwhile, I still have many more issues of Hollywood Detective, and will be posting more of Dan's black & white adventures as time rambles on.

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