Tuesday, May 10, 2022

DAVY CROCKETT, FRONTIERSMAN Comic Strip - Week 2 (1955)

This week, I was surprised to discover that Davy's sidekick Gabe was originally intended to be "Georgie." For the first few weeks of the strip, you'll notice Gabe's name is always larger than the other lettering, and sometimes has a couple of dashes after it. The reason for this is revealed in the final strip of this week, when we see a "Georgie" they neglected to correct. They must have feared the legal might of Disney, as I did when writing Crockett's Devil

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Mike Britt said...

This 1955 Davy strip doesn't look a bit like Fess Parker so as an eleven-year-old, I wouldn't have given it a second look. Now if it had been illustrated by John Severin or Frank Frazetta, I would have clipped out of the newspaper and made a scrapbook and would still own it today.

Evan Lewis said...

Frazetta or Severin would have been great. But then, the strip would be much better known, robbing me of the enjoyment of rescuing it from obscurity. Two years from now, when we get to the final months of the strip, you'll see a couple of better known artists lending a hand.

fabri said...

Finally j have the possibilitu to read some strips that J did not know. I waited for them and researched them from about 50 years. I write from italy and some strips were printed, partially in colour, in an italian comic magazine, remonted and parhaps cutted in some way, because the comic was in another format. I still have all this collection, but i noticed that the history began in the middle of something that was passed... perhaps You will give the possibility to have all. In another site i found many Sunday pages in color and i plan to take again my collection from my vaults to control if I have or not the sundays... Thank you again so much, because Davy is one of my favourite carachters!!! My compliments also for the book! Fabrizio Frosali

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks Fabrizio! I had no idea this strip existed until recently. I've now gathered the whole thing, from June 1955 to August 1957, and will present it a week at a time over the next couple of years. I, too, found that blog with the color Sunday strips, and will present them (with due credit) in their proper order. That site had only about half the Sundays, so the other half will be in black and white.

If you'd like to send me or scans of some of the Italian comics, I'd be pleased to post them here. I'm sure other Davy fans around the world would find them interesting. I'm at delewis1@hotmail.com

P.S. Crockett's Devil is available from Amazon.it. It could be right up your alley!