Thursday, September 10, 2009

Book Buys Pt. 4: Tales from Deadwood

I've been in withdrawal since Deadwood disappeared from HBO. Will we ever again see its like? Thankfully, Deadwood lives on, if only for two more episodes, in these books by "Mike Jameson". Who is Mike Jameson? Try this: Scratch out "Mike" and "on," then add the letters R-E-A-S-O-N-E-R at the end. By gad, I think you've got it.

As a bonus, Berkley Books snagged another famous dude (Charles M. Russell) to paint the cover for the first book. Quite a coup. Sadly, like the TV show, the book series seems to be at an end. But on the plus side, Mr. "Jameson" goes marching on.


Steve M said...

There's four Tales of Deadwood books:

1. Tales of Deadwood (Nov. '05)
2. The Gamblers (May '06)
3. The Killers (Jan. 07)
4. The Troopers (March '09)

Who knows, they maybe another...we can just keep our fingers crossed.

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks Steve! Now I have more hunting to do.

Richard Prosch said...

How familiar with the show do you need to be in order to enjoy the books?

Evan Lewis said...

Just got 'em, Richard, but having perused them just a bit, I'd say they'd stand alone just fine. The protagonist of the first is an original character (not from the HBO series) and the supporting cast are almost all real historical folk.