Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome Jack Giles (& Friends).

When easyrider45 turned up among Davy’s Followers, I didn’t know who he was. But after putting on my Philip Marlowe hat I finally figured out he’s western authors Jack Giles and Ryker Frost, who are really Ray Foster. Confused? It gets better. Ray is the grandfather of western writer Peter Avarillo (whose real name, I think, is Chantel), who will have a story in the upcoming Express Westerns anthology. He also has a cat named Dog who is actually a jackalope. No, I made that part up. Maybe.

Ray has written nine Black Horse westerns as Jack Giles and two as Ryker Frost. His latest book (by Jack) is Lawmen, published last year. You can ride with him on his blog, Open Range, or peek behind the authorial mask on his website. Finding no pictures of Jack/Ray on blog or website, I commissioned a renowned illustrator to come up with an artist's conception. Then, after the painting was done, I found a photo elsewhere. Both are presented here. Can you tell which is which? I didn't think so.


Oscar Case said...

If the mustache wasn't there, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but the specs give it away.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I know this - the bottom pic is Ray and the top one is his auntie stanley