Monday, June 11, 2012

Free Today for Kindle - A LIVING: 3 Stories About Killers by Gavin Bell

I was impressed by Gavin Bell's story "Expiry Date" in ACTION: Pulse Pounding Tales Vol. 1, so I was pleased to learn that one of his short story collections is free today on Amazon. It's HERE. Check it out! The official description follows:

Three short stories of crime and punishment.

In A LIVING, a solitary man contemplates life and death and thinks about exactly what it takes to make a living. This story was shortlisted for the Quick Reads 'Get Britain Reading' prize.

Two bored detectives investigate an unattended death in KITTY. The only witnesses were a harmless old lady and her cat, so it looks like an open-and-shut case. As a quiet afternoon escalates into an ordeal of dreamlike terror, the detectives discover how wrong you can be.

And finally, in A JOB WORTH DOING, a repair man providing a discreet service to a niche market thinks he's discovered a way to make some easy money from death.

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