Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Now at BEAT to a PULP: Hard Time by Tom Roberts

OK, you probably know Tom Roberts as the long-time publisher of Black Dog Books, one of the premier providers of fine pulp reprints, you've likely seen his paintings on the cover of EQMM and numerous books, and you may have read some of his scholarly non-fiction. But did you know he's also a fine fictioneer? Sheesh! This guy's a real Renaissance Man. I'll bet he can sing and dance, too.

In Tom's latest story, a western called "Hard Time," a young jailbird is regaled with heroic tales of U.S. Deputy Marshall Jedidiah Taggart, one of the toughest lawmen ever to walk the West. And the kid's about to find out just how tough, because Taggart is coming to get him. I suggest you gallop right over to BEAT to a PULP (that's HERE) and check it out for yourself.


Tom Roberts said...

Thanks, Dave.

Hope people have as much fun reading the story as I did in writing it.

Expect more adventures of U.S. Deputy Marshall Taggart in the offing.


Evan Lewis said...

Good news, Tom. Bring 'em on!