Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas at the Lewis Place

Thought you'd like to see what Christmas looks like here at our humble abode in the Far Western town of Portland, Oregon.

In years past we've gone the whole hog in decorating the yard, but after the neighbors 
got their panties in a bunch over the reindeer poop, we decided to cut back.

This year we settled on a simple tree, and so's not to attract undue attention, 
made sure it was no more than an inch or two taller than the one in Times Square.

Still, tourists insist on stopping by for photo ops.


Cap'n Bob said...

Understated elegance is your trademrk.

Rick Robinson said...

I'm sure the neighbors are appreciating your efforts.

David Cranmer said...

Beautiful photos, Dave, And Happy Holidays to you and your family this season.

Charles Gramlich said...

You know, Lana and I had a tour of your place not so long ago. You and the family must have been out that day! :) Merry Christmas, man.

Jerry House said...

Yep. Keep it simple...the Lewis family motto.

Oscar Case said...

Nice pics! I laughed my butt off. You have a great sense of humor, Dave, and a Happy New Year to you and family!