Sunday, December 30, 2012

STILL AVAILABLE: Black Dog Package Specials (including TWO great Sax Rohmers)

There was a lot more to Sax Rohmer than Fu Manchu. These two volumes rediscover stories that have been out of print for decades, including eight that have never been seen (at least in their original form) in the United States. Never read Rohmer? In my review of The Leopard Couch (that's HERE), I likened him to Arthur Conan Doyle on steroids.

The Green Spider presents mystery and suspense stories, while The Leopard Couch focuses on the fantastic and supernatural. For a limited time, you can both for $29 (a ten dollar savings), by clicking right HERE.

Time is running out on the other Package Specials, too. Lester Dent, Spicy Westerns, Best of Adventure, G-Men, Killer Skies, Creeping Terror, Classic Science Fiction, and many more. You'll find them all HERE.


David Cranmer said...

Thanks for bringing these to our attention, Evan.

Anonymous said...

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