Monday, January 26, 2015

Cap Gun Monday: Hubley OFFICIAL "38"

Among the dozens (hundreds?) of great cowboy cap guns, there were dang few detective pistols. This 5 1/2" snub nose .38 from Hubley was one of the best. Cap'n Bob Napier has one of these in a factory-installed cardboard holster that's still attached to the gun. That's probably for the best, or he might take it out and rob a liquor store.

My Cap Gun arsenal is HERE.


Anonymous said...

I notice the gun says "Tightrope" on one side. Any connection to the Mike Conners CBS series of the same name from 1959?

Evan Lewis said...

Don't know. Wish I did.

Anonymous said...

I would assume it was marketed as a tie-in with the Tightrope TV series, but I would also guess that near-identical models were also marketed with labels that said "Peter Gunn," "Richard Diamond," and "Dragnet."