Monday, January 5, 2015

Cap Guns of 2014

Cap Gun Monday got off to a late start in 2014, but will return for a full year of make-believe death and destruction in 2015. I had some of these weapons as a kid, but they all went the way of the thrift store, and I was forced to reclaim them (and many more) at flea markets and antique sales. I find it mighty sad that such toys are not allowed to poison today's youth, as they so thoroughly poisoned mine.




Cap'n Bob said...

Keep 'em coming. Even though I seethe with jealousy, I love seeing these wonderful guns.

Rick said...

I had the Fanner 500 with holster. What a fine rig it was for a kid. I just wish I still had it. My son doesn't believe how well made it was.

Oscar Case said...

A nice armory. Kids today want the real thing with real bullets. They see it on TV.