Sunday, July 9, 2017

Western Round-up: CAGNEY & BOGART in The Oklahoma Kid


Drew Bentley said...

Cowboy gangsters. Does it get any better than two New Yorkers on the plains.

Cap'n Bob said...

This put an end to both of their cowboy careers, didn't it? Not that that's a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

IIRC, Bogart was in one more western, Virginia City (1940), with Errol Flynn and Randolph Scott. Cagney made two Westerns in the 1950's, Run For Cover and Tribute to a Bad Man.

Speaking of New Yorkers on the plains, WB made a comedy the year before, Cowboy from Brooklyn (1938), with Dick Powell, Pat O'Brien, and Priscilla Lane (Rosemary's sister). It was directed by Lloyd Bacon, who directed The Oklahoma Kid.

Anonymous said...

Brian Garfield wrote that "It never was any good." In his eye-opening book, Western Films, he adds that The Oklahoma Kid is also "terrible", "unconvincing", and "weak and amateurish".
I've never seen it, but I find it hard to believe this movie wouldn't be at least a little bit fun.

Cap'n Bob said...

Thanks, Anon. May I call you Anon? I believe I've seen a couple of those others you mentioned but don't remember Bogie or Cagney. Then again, I don't remember much these days.

Shay said...

Drew -- I know. The dialogue between the two of them is (completely unintentionally) hilarious.

TC said...

IMHO, The Oklahoma Kid is an entertaining movie if you don't try to take it seriously. Fortunately, the movie does not take itself too seriously.

TC said...
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