Saturday, July 1, 2017

YouTube Theater: GUNSMOKE episode 1 "Matt Gets It" (1955)

Here's news: Gunsmoke comes to the INSP Network with a July Marathon Kickoff. It starts July 8 at 2pm (all times Eastern) with Gunsmoke: To the Last Man. And here's what follows . . . 

·        Return to Dodge on July 16th at 2pm 
·        GunsmokeAll That on July 22nd at 10 am
·        Gunsmoke: Long, Long Trail on July 22nd at 11 am
·        Gunsmoke: The Squaw on July 22nd at 12 pm
·        Gunsmoke: Chesterland on July 22nd at 1 pm
·        Gunsmoke: Milly on July 22nd at 4 pm
·        Gunsmoke: Indian Ford on July 22nd at 5 pm
·        Gunsmoke: The Long Ride on July 23rd at 2 pm
·        Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice on July 23rd at 10 pm


Drew Bentley said...

The Original half hour black and white Gunsmoke episodes are currently airing on METV Monday through Friday. Check local listings for the time in your area. They run at noon Central Time.

Evan Lewis said...

Thank you, Fleet Commander.

Stephen Mertz said...

I picked up an awesome DVD set of Seasons 1-4 at Walmart for $30. Cheaper on-line. Gorgeous crisp picture. Outstanding writing, directing &, of course, acting.

Evan Lewis said...

Ooo. Tempting. Those early seasons were hardboiled.

oscar case said...

I've seen some of the Gunsmoke series on TCM, I think. Enjoyed the heck out of 'em.

Peter Collinson said...

I need to watch more of the early episodes of Gunsmoke. I was taken aback by how good (startlingly good, really) the radio show is. I'm pretty fond of, and familiar with, old time radio and Gunsmoke kind of stands alone.
Besides, I'm almost done watching my way through all of Steve McQueen's Wanted: Dead or Alive and will shortly need some fresh half hour long western action.

John Hocking