Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sherlock and Watson? Nope! It's SPURLOCK and WATKINS in "Murder in the Blue Room" (1936)

From December of  1936, and Detective Picture Stories #1, comes this tale of two famous detectives (one of whom is undoubtedly a great uncle of Duane Spurlock). It was uploaded to comicbookplus by stopper75, and story and art is credited to John A. Patterson. Another Spurlock and Watkins story (in black & white, alas) appeared in the next issue, and can be read HERE

A third adventure (once again in color) will appear here too soon for some, not soon enough for others.  


Howard said...

The art and the layout reminded me of one of my old-time favorite strips, "Our Boarding House," featuring Major Hoople. That strip was still going in the early '60s and I (age 12) read it with delight every day in the Green Sheet of the Milwaukee Journal.

I got a DVD with scans of a lot of those Major Hoople cartoons a couple of years ago, and still find them to be a hoot.

Cap'n Bob said...

I agree with Howard about Our Boarding House. Major Hoople was a riot.

This is the first comic I've seen with so many typos. Skyler Hobbs has it all over this bird.

SangorShop said...

J. A. is assumed to be John Asaph Patterson (1905-1984) who was born in Springfield Mo. His comic book career lasted from 1936-1939, after which he moved to Tulsa, Ok, working for the McClure Syndicate. From Tulsa he ran the mail order "J.A. Patterson's Master Cartoon Course". At some point, he and his second wife, Mildred, moved back to Springfield, where they specialized in drawing greeting cards. He had two years of college, he says, which I figure has to explain his spelling.