Wednesday, October 2, 2019

I Go To A Model Show (Part 1)

Misters D. Goble and B. Napier visited our fair city recently to attend a model show, so Mister T.J. Gaston and I dropped in to visit the visitors. And thereby saw a passle of models. The vast majority of them were WWII tanks and planes, with a few subs, ships and WWI planes thrown in for seasoning. There were also plenty of cars. Most of that stuff was very skillfully done, but failed to float my boat. I did, however, spot a few oddball items that did.

This one was a flight down memory lane. When Space: 1999 was on the air, Rick Bilyeu and Mike Eisenbies used to come over to my place to watch it. One day they presented me with this same model kit. I painted every panel a different color, making it look way spacier than the original. Do I still have it in a box somewhere? Maybe so.

After seeing this, I learned that Arsène Lupin III is the subject of a Japanese manga series. Jeez, I haven't gotten around to reading Lupin I yet. 

All I know about Tintin is that Rick Robinson has a picture of him in his bathroom. Makes a model plane more interesting, though. 


Rick Robinson said...

Wha?? Not in bathroom, but I do have a Tintin clock in the downstairs hobby area. You stand corrected.

Evan Lewis said...

Hm. OK, my bad. I guess you know your bathroom better than me.

Cap'n Bob said...

Makes you wonder where Dave has been relieving himself at your house, Rick.