Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Frank Frazetta's THUN'DA in "King of the Lost Lands" (1952)

Here's the lead story in the all-Frazetta comic, Thund'da #1. It's from 1952, and uploaded to comicbookplus by Joshua / josemas. The script is credited to Gardner Fox.


Matthew Clark said...

For some of us, this comic book is the Golden Fleece. An entire story by Frank Frazetta! Though the stories by Howard redelivered, it was those covers of the Conan collections from Lancer Books that were the stuff that dreams were made of. It was like a Conan comic book should look like.
I'm only guessing, by I believe that Frazetta only did this first issue.

Evan Lewis said...

You're right, Matthew. One issue, with four stories. The other three will be thundering in here as time goes by.