Saturday, January 18, 2020

NERO WOLFE Comic Strip - The SECOND Sunday Adventure (1957)

We had a preview of this story in the final panel of the Jan. 13, 1957 strip (above).

Jan. 20, 1957 

Once again, we are indebted to the very cool blog of Mr. Ger Apeldoorn for these color Sundays. If anyone out there can provide color versions of these black and whites, I'd be mighty pleased to replace them.

Jan. 27, 1957

Feb. 3, 1957

Feb. 10, 1957

 Feb. 17, 1957

Feb. 24, 1957

Mar. 3, 1957

Mar. 10, 1957


Rick Robinson said...

My complaint about this one, a bit of a nit pick, is that Wolfe doesn't drive, so how did he get there, since someone said he saw Wolfe's car. Also, that car should have been a 4-door.

Cap'n Bob said...

Wolfe said "a hysterical." I don't think so.

Evan Lewis said...

The ghost of Mr. Stout appreciates you guys looking out for him. said...

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