Tuesday, June 9, 2020

SAMAR the Tarzan Wannabe by Rafael Astarita (1942)

As noted previously, I'm an admirer of the comic art of Rafael Astarita. Am I maybe a little influenced by my great admiration for the works of Rafael Sabatini and Rafael DeSoto? It's not impossible. Anyway, I posted a fine noirish tale by him HERE, and a seagoing adventure story HERE.

Samar made his debut back in May 1940 in Feature Comics #32. In that first appearance, his hair was black, but before the next issue he'd bleached it blond, probably due to threats from his famous neighbor in the next-door jungle. Samar was depicted by various artists until Rafael finally got a shot at him here in issue 58, dated July 1942. He did three more, I believe, and you'll likely see another here soon. Thanks once again to comicbookplus for the scans.

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