Tuesday, July 7, 2020

REED CRANDALL Meets "The Old Witch" (1941)

Comicbookplus identifies this tale, from Hit Comics #10 (April 1941) as Reed Crandall's first story. That may be. The Grand Comics Database lists three other stories published that same month, and one possible from the previous June. This is a fine job, though, and especially interesting given his reunion with The Old Witch many years later in her own domain, The Haunt of Fear.


Matthew Clark said...

The lettering also looks similar to that used later at EC? Which I believe was a sort of machine that typed in all the narration and dialog on to the panels already laid out for the artist to just fill in the empty spaces with illustrations.

Cap'n Bob said...

EC used the Leroy letter guide.

Reed Crandall has always been a favorite of mine. The guy could do more with a straight line than anyone.