Friday, July 10, 2020

WATCH IT HERE! Forgotten Books on Film: THE LAST WARNING / THE DEAD DON'T CARE by Jonathan Latimer

The Dead Don't Care is the wildest - and most inebriated - entry in the Bill Crane series, and therefore my favorite. I raved about the book HERE.

The Last Warning, the one and only film adaptation of that book, is the third and last in the film series. I tried to post it on YouTube, but their copyright-policing bot objected. Why it allowed the first two films (The Westland Case and Lady in the Morgue), and not this one, makes no sense, but YouTube's copyright policy itself makes no sense - except to cover their own ass. 

Thankfully, the film is available on OK.RU. That site was started by a British guy, but apparently operates out of Russia, and thumbs its nose at YouTube's copyright rules.

You can watch THE LAST WARNING here: