Saturday, May 15, 2021

PERRY MASON in "The Case of the Innocent Thief" Week 1 (1950)

This strip debuted in the funny papers on Oct. 16, 1950, illustrated by Mel Keefer. Did Gardner write it himself? The newspaper promos I ran last week (HERE) would have you believe he did. It's possible. The guy was prolific as hell. The strip ran until June 21, 1952. These are from the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Continued next Saturday


D.D.Degg said...

"Perry made his debut in the funny papers on Oct. 16, 1950"
as a continuing comic strip series. He had earlier appeared
in two comic strip adaptations of Gardner novels in 1944 as
part of King Features' Book-of-the-Month series.

Evan Lewis said...

Cool! Thanks.