Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Graham Ingels and GUNFIGHTER meet "The Secret Strangler" (1950)

Here's the original art of a wild and wooly tale from Gunfighter #14, Mar-Apr 1950. Graham Ingels rocks.


Cap'n Bob said...

They have a different definition of "salivating" than I do.

Evan Lewis said...

You might get away with using their definition on Facebook. Give it a try!

Matthew Clark said...

Always good to see Ingels' non-horror work. Most forget that EC did have a solid line of western titles before they hit it big with the horror and crime stories. I wonder if there were any Tales from the Crypt set in the old west?

This story is kind of like those nice, low budget westerns that Tim Holt and Richard Martin made back in the mid 1940's.