Thursday, August 12, 2021

RAMBLE HOUSE Books by Francis M. Nevins

My friend Larry Paschelke (who, in case it slipped your mind, is our benefactor in our weekly EQMM presentations) has long been an admirer of the critical work of Francis M. Nevins, and Anthony Boucher, too. So when he saw these books on a list of Ramble House publications, he had to add them to his collection. 

Larry ordered the hardcover editions, and I was privileged to examine and admire both. These are beautifully made books, far nicer than I would have expected, and the contents look swell, too. I encourage you to check out the impressive array of other books they have available at


Cap'n Bob said...

Is he still alive? I remember him well from the MDM days.

Cap'n Bob said...

Never mind, I checked. He's still around and 78 years old.