Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Fistful of Legends FREE SHIPPING offer. Ends Monday!

You can still order advance copies of A Fistful of Legends, with free shipping, but time is running out. Act now via PayPal, and your book will arrive pronto. (If you don't use PayPal, we can make other arrangements.) Otherwise you'll have to wait until January 31 and pay shipping to an online bookseller.

A Fistful of Legends is $15.95 (£10.50 UK). If you desire (and why wouldn't you?) you can also get Express Westerns' previous anthology, Where Legends Ride, for the package price of $29.90 (£19.50 UK). That's free shipping on both. Live elsewhere on the planet? We can work that out, too.

Write me at for payment details.

The full lineup of stories (introduced by master fictioneer James Reasoner) can be found HERE.


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