Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flash Casey comic book story: The Monkey Murder Mystery

This thrilling tale is from Casey, Crime Photogapher No. 1, Aug. 1949. The artwork on this, and most other stories during the mag's 4-issue run, is believed to be by Vernon Henkel. Henkel entered the comic book field in the late 30s, working for Quality and other publishers. In the late 40s and early 50s he most of his work for Atlas and Marvel, mainly on crime and war comics, but  also occasionally popped up in such mags as Strange Tales and Kid Colt, Outlaw

Yesterday we featured an episode of the radio drama, Casey, Crime Photographer. And on Friday we reviewed the collection of Black Mask stories, Flash Casey - Detective.

You may click on each page to SUPERSIZE it.


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Ann Littlewood said...

Love that click-to-expand technique for the pages! Tricky little plot, but the artist didn't spend much time looking at orangs. These look like deformed chimps. "The second of the great apes, ranking next to the gorillas"? Hummm.... I do like that the wife's response to a controlling husband is to go shopping. If only I had a controlling husband.