Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sam Spade: The Missing Newshawk Caper

Sam's search for a missing reporter does not end well, but the final scene between Sam and Effie (back from vacation after last week's episode) is even crazier than usual. From July 18, 1948

The Missing Newshawk Caper Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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The first screen Spade, Ricardo Cortez, with Bebe Daniels (1931).


Brian Drake said...

I have always had mixed feelings about the Adventures of Sam Spade. It's not that the show strayed from the concept Hammett created in the book, but that the plots never made a lick of sense and they often joked about it on the show. There's an episode based on "The Dain Curse", the title of which I forget, where the joke, made by Effie, is the most blatant.

What I enjoy about the Spade show are the production values, the actors, and the fact that you cannot help but have a good time while listening... even if you don't understand it all in the end. And Howard Duff IS Sam Spade... the "other guy" never did it for me.

Evan Lewis said...

A Dain Curse rip-off? Cool. I'll watch for it.

Yeah, Steve Dunne just doesn't make it as Sam. Even though the writing is just as good, his lines fall flat. I'm so disappointed I can't concentrate on the shows.

Brian Drake said...

I have the Dain Curse episode, Evan. I will dig it up and find a way to send you the MP3.

Anonymous said...

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