Sunday, February 7, 2010

Comickazi SUPERBOWL Results

The Comickazi Cover Contest is kaput! The results have been tallied, and now it can be told: The winner of The Adventure of the Peerless Peer (because he didn't squawk and request something else) is Mr. Art Scott of Livermore CA, USA (known in select circles as the Emperor of the Universe), whose pan appears at right. Art named everybody in sight, including some that probably don't have names. He even cited the first name of A. Mutt (Augustus). Runner-Up Honors, and a fabulous No-Prize go out to Craig Clarke, proprietor of the fine blog Somebody Dies. Thanks to all who entered.

More or less left to right above we have The Yellow Kid, Smokey the Bear, A. Mutt, LBJ, Tricky Dick and Dagwood Bumstead. The guy in the helmet is likely no one in particular. Same with the face roughly in the neighborhood of Dagwood's crotch.

Here we have Charlie Brown, The Mighty Thor, Li'l Abner and Woody Allen. The guy getting his head crushed is probably just an extra. The debonair dude sporting the peace button will be revealed below (way below).

Let's work right to left on this one. That's obviously Scrooge McDuck, one of the greatest adventure heroes of all time. Just above dead center is a murky face I suspect belongs to Charlie Chaplin. Art thought the guy getting his teeth ground into the cobblestones resembled Alfred E. Newman. Could be. The mystery here is the boy/girl at far left. The dog next to him/her appears to be Buster Brown's sidekick Tige, but if that's Buster (who did indeed look like a girl) he should have a distinct curl in his bangs, with another on his cheek, and should not be wearing a fur coat. I suspect artist Bob Juanillo meant this to be someone else. The weird look Tige gives this person is mirrored in the look Officer Pupp gives Felix in the scene below.

Left to right again, there's Ignatz Mouse with his signature brick. Next to him is Officer Pupp, who was always chasing him in the Krazy Kat strip. Then Felix the Cat. Pupp is giving Felix a look that seems to say Hey, you're not Krazy, which makes me think Tige (in the previous panel) is thinking Hey, you're not Buster. Moving on, there's Swee'Pea, Mr Abernathy (he's the guy whose name neither Bob or I could remember), Jiminy Cricket, and (just above Jiminy) Henry. The kid hawking Comickazi is drawn in the style of the Miss Peach strip, but we were unable to match his hairstyle with any particular character. The guy coming out of the manhole remains a mystery. And finally, here's a real shocker...

Debonair Dude is/was Robert S./Cap'n Bob Napier, nowadays utterly without vice and tougher than a two-dollar steak. Who'd a thunk he was once not only a peacenik, but a smoker and a wearer of argyle socks? Not me!

Tune in later this week for one more reprint from the pages of Comickazi: an exclusive, 1969 interview with artist James Bama.


eda said...


Richard Robinson said...

Congratulations to Art Scott! Though many looked familiar, I couldn't have named many of them. Just goes to show how detail-oriented he is.

Unknown said...

I'm not at all surprised at this result.

Evan Lewis said...

I thought for sure our friend eda was saying something like, "Hail to thee, O Emperor of the Universe!" so I plugged his comment into babelfish. Here's what he said:

Roll play|Jumps the egg|The appeal jumps the egg|Smoke and fire wholesale|Smoke and fire|Appeal thing Massages the stick|Massages the stick electrically operated|Airplane cup|Consoles oneself the wrap|Consoles oneself the wrap|Appeal underwear| live119|live119 forum| Lubricant|Underwear|Sexy underwear|Self-consolation| Gasifies the baby|AV| appeal|Clothes butterfly |Appeal thing, appeal, G spot|Sexy T-shaped trousers|Suspenders sock|T-shaped trousers|Jumps wireless the egg|Sexy night clothes|

Anyone interested in T-shaped trousers or gasifying their baby should contact eda pronto!

Anonymous said...

"massages the stick electrically operated" ?? Whoa. That eda guy really knows how to party. But then anyone who can jump the egg while holding an airplane cup is way ahead of the curve.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you. I feel like the Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio, although not nearly as cute as Julianne Moore. I still think it IS Buster Brown.

Art Scott, Famous Prizewinner

Craig Clarke said...

Thanks for running the contest! I will keep my No-Prize in a place of honor, right next to my Not-a-Nobel.

Cap'n Bob said...

Is there a picture of Buster that looks like the one on the cover? My guess was Mary Jane. All the Buster pix I've seen look like Jerry Maren, but more demonic. Maybe I should chjeck out some old BB Shoes ads. And as an additional prize, Art, you get one fresh ARC of my second book. Whether you want it or not.

John said... know eda too?