Thursday, February 4, 2010


Here's the lead-off attraction from Cap'n Bob's 1969 fanzine Comickazi. You saw the cool cover in yesterday's post, right? If not, check it out HERE. The contest to identify the characters on that cover runs until midnight tonight.

Meanwhile, we're proud to present "Konan the Hockeypuck", a parody in the MAD tradition by L. Sprague (Bob) Juanillo and Edgar Rice (Bob) Napier.

Unless you're a world-class squinter, we suggest you click on each page to SUPERSIZE it.





©1969 by Juanillo - Napier

Edgar Rice (Now Robert S.) Napier is the author of the Five Star mystery Love, Death and the Toyman. Book two, The Toyman Rides Again is now available for pre-order.


Rittster said...

Great stuff! As far as I'm concerned, the comic would have fit right at home in the pages of MAD. BTW, nice visual "shout out" to my "peeps" with the drawing of the menorah on page 2, panel 2.
I didn't enter the contest because I only could name 14 or 15 of the faces on the cover. But here's a site, devoted to Dr. Fredric Wertham's SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT, which mentions Comickaze's parodic interview interview with the good doctor. (I'm assuming Cap'n Bob wrote it?).

Dave, were you or the Cap'n aware the 'zine was mentioned on another site? Or is this the first you or he have heard?

Do you know the contents of the rest of the zine? And was the cover a take-off on the "Sgt. Pepper" album cover, or did Comikaze come first?

Rittster said...

I'm going to answer part of my own question and mention that the Sgt. Pepper album was released in 1967. Jeez, how lazy was I not to take thiry seconds to look that up?

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

This is great. Except that now I'm disappointed that The Toyman Rides Again isn't a graphic novel.

Evan Lewis said...

Rittster: I think it's a safe bet that Bob concocted the interview with Dr. Frederic Werthless. I'll have to let Bob answer about the lostoti article. I didn't know Bob in 1969, but somehow acquired a copy of this zine back then. Other contents: An interview with James Bama (to be reprinted next week), some Harold Foster Prince Valiant pages, a Collector's Score Sheet (how crazy a collector are you?), some "Who's in Charge Here?" photo gags, a Sci-Fi Portfolio by Juanillo, a wacky paste-up piece on How To Do A Fanzine, a selection of Frazetta's Famous Funnies covers, Larry Sidebottom's "Bugs", a Graphic Opinion by E.G. Yanari, a piece on art technique, a couple of original "Blaze 'n Furry" strips (they're mice), and a house ad pondering the question "What kind of man reads Comickazi?"

Interesting theory, Anonymous. Have you heard the one about the staged moon landing?

The graphic novel will probably come out after the movie, Bill. I hear Brad Pitt has signed on to play Lorentz/Napier.

Richard Robinson said...

Yes! The Civil War is a hoax, not a shot was really fired, the guvment people made it all up so the film people could make Gone With The Wind (Margaret Mitchell worked for the Secretary of State).

I wish that Napier book would get out so I could read it!

Cap'n Bob said...

Nice on-topic remarks, anonymous.

Here's some background info on this: Bob Juanillo and I wrote it by tossing dialogue back and forth in the voices of the people we were imitating (Jack Webb, Don Adams, Don Rickles, etc) until we had a script in our head, then we wrote it down. Bob Juanillo--a genius, BTW--illustrated it, adding tons of flourishes and background jokes.
The interview with Dr. Fredric Werthless was probably mine, but Bob may have helped.
There was no Sgt Peppers homage in the cover. I think the kitchen sink approach was to show we were more than just a comics zine. Thanks for remembering this old chestnut. The reason I became a writer is because I couldn't draw.

Cormac Brown said...

Is it just me, or does it seem that in some panels that "Konan" looks more like Bob Hope, than Basil Rathbone?

Evan Lewis said...

How about it, Cap'n? Do you remember who Konan was supposed to look like?

Cap'n Bob said...

No one in particular, as far as I know. Too bad Bob Juanillo isn't here to give better info. He never said it was supposed to resemble anyone.