Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Comment Department (Crider style)



Richard Prosch said...

Dave, I'd be willing to send Bill some snow just to sorta complete the outfit.

David Cranmer said...

Ha! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. That's great!

I'll assume the including... leads on to

1. Wear a furry Viking helmet
2. Read some Dan Rhodes books
3. Drink some Dr. Pepper
4. Read some more Dan Rhodes books

Paul D Brazill said...

Top post. I've just given you an award. ha!

Evan Lewis said...

Thank you to the Academy. In accepting this award, I must place credit where it is due... with Mr. Bill and his favorite hatter, Conan's Chapeau Shoppe of Houston, TX.

Cap'n Bob said...

It just screams rape and pillage.