Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Edgar Awards, Part 3: Ellery Queen/Alfred Hitchcock Party

Thursday afternoon it rained. Geez, it was just like being back in Oregon, except the buildings were taller, and there were lots more of them.

After sheltering in a nearby Starbucks, Irene and I arrived a few minutes early at the Dell Magazines Party thrown by Janet Hutchings of EQMM and Linda Landrigan of AHMM.

Ron Goulart!

Next thing I knew we were talking to Ron Goulart, a man who changed my life (a familiar tale, because he did the same thing to Walker Martin, Will Murray and others, with the publication of The Hardboiled Dicks). In my case, he sent me on a seven-year quest to acquire everything I could related to the pulp writers featured in that book. Unable to help myself, I monopolized Mr. Goulart’s time for a good chunk of the party as we talked about pulps.

Dave Zeltserman

The shindig was partly in honor of EQMM Reader’s Choice winners Dave Zeltserman and Doug Allyn. I was mighty pleased to find Mr. Z and his wife Judy in attendance. As a BIG Nero Wolfe fan, I loved his winning Julius Katz and Archie story, and was at that moment halfway through one of his recent novels, The Caretaker of Lorne Field. Dave was a joy to talk to, and curious to know if I believed the Aukowies in the novel were real. Now that I’ve finished the book, I’m still not sure, but I sure as heck enjoyed it. Dave announced the imminent publication of a new direct-to-ebook novel, Julius Katz and Archie. I’m sold!

Eve and Doug Allyn *

Doug Allyn, a perennial Reader’s Choice favorite, this time took both second and third place in the voting, and was on hand to accept his awards. Doug’s charming wife Eve proceeded to introduce Irene and I to our host, Mr. Peter Kanter, president of Dell and Penny Press. Another very nice guy. In Mr. Kanter’s honor, I’m going to work a crossword puzzle magazine into my novel manuscript.

Another extremely nice person was Marcia Markland, Senior Editor at Thomas Dunne Books. She presented me with a business card with a wiener dog on it, which I took as a good sign. Irene and I have four of the little boogers, all rescues.

The well-dressed Stephen Ross *

Edgar nominee Stephen Ross was also in attendance, and we supported each others’ decision not to wear tuxedos to the banquet. Folly loves company, I guess.

Though there were many more people I would have liked to meet, we had to bug out early to catch the subway back uptown to get dressed for the banquet. I did manage to shake the hand of the great Otto Penzler, but later discovered I had failed to meet Emily Giglierano, the former Assistant Editor who played a large part in helping Mr. Skyler Hobbs sneak into EQMM. Sorry, Emily! If you’re ever in Portland, we’ll take you to dinner. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella.

* Official Edgars pics by Matt Peyton Photography

Tomorrow: The Banquet


Walker Martin said...

I'm glad you had time to talk to Ron Goulart who has a great sense of humor. I've talked to him several times at the NYC Paperback show and he even signed my copy of THE HARDBOILED DICKS. He wrote: "To Walker, whose life I ruined". He then drew an amazing likeness of himself on the page.

After reading and being so impressed with the stories in THE HARDBOILED DICKS, I wrote Ron and he agreed to sell me his copies of BLACK MASK, DIME DETECTIVE, and DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY.

I also highly recommend his other books on the pulps: CHEAP THRILLS and THE DIME DETECTIVES.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I feel like I was there. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying these posts, but my goodness, you're sure stretching this thing out. Days of waiting now for the report on The Big Moment. Tomorrow, hopefully.

Evan Lewis said...

Shucks, there's enough to say to last a couple of more weeks. You're getting off easy. Yes, tomorrow will be The Big Moment, though I reserve the right to post pics from other people's Big Moments after Friday's Forgotten Book.

R L Kelstrom said...

Evan Lewis in NY, taking the town by storm! Can't wait to read about the big shindig

Evan Lewis said...

It's true, R.L., there was a storm, and it may have followed me from Oregon. As for the rest, I wish.

Booksteve said...

Not sure I've ever seen a photo of Mr. Goulart, one of my favorite writers ever since I discovered his book, WHAT'S BECOME OF SCREWLOOSE...?, the absolute ONLY sci-fi book in our Junior High School Library in the early seventies. Thanks!