Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Edgar Awards, Part 6: Best Paperback Originals

The nominees. Presumably NOT in attendance were 
Catherine O'Flynn (The News Where You Are) and Frank Tallis (Vienna Secrets).

L.C. Tyler (Ten Little Herrings).
That's Robert Goddard at right. 

Two very nice folks: Duane and Meredith Swierczynski. 
His nominated novel, Expiration Date, is a cool book!

The Swierczynskis at the baquet. 
That's Duane's agent David Hale Smith in the foreground.

The Winner! Robert Goddard, author of Long Time Coming. That, too, is a great read.
At left, Inkwell Management agent George Lucas digs into his mushroom bisque.

Photos thanks to Matt Peyton Photography. More pics to come.


Deka Black said...

Paperbacks... i remember my first. Was a anthology of fantasy short stories.

Anonymous said...

I must get Long Time Coming.

Evan Lewis said...

Long Time Coming's strong point is its WWII era history. Expiration Date might be even more to your taste, because it has a sort of fantasy/sci-fi element.