Friday, May 13, 2011

FREE Pre-Paid Cremation! (Details Inside)

FREE Pre-Paid Cremation! That's what it said on the envelope I got from outfit called Nepture Cremation Service. Hot damn, I thought, just the opportunity I've been waiting for!

I was already getting my affairs in order, and down to debating to whom I would leave my collection of autographed Robert S. Napier novels, when I spotted the fine print on the order card. WIN a pre-paid cremation, it said. Return your completed card today to be entered. What a letdown.

The only bright spot was this lovely and profound quotation (above) from Eleanor Roosevelt. When the time comes (assuming I win) I may have it decoupaged on my urn.


Deka Black said...

I'm too amazed to say anything.

Oscar Case said...

I get those cards, too, every once in awhile. Soon I'll have enough to do-it-myself cremation.

Cap'n Bob said...

I have a fireplace and plenty of wood if you want me to handle the chore. You can use those books as tinder.