Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BEAT to a PULP: Round Two !!

Yep, it's BIG, and it's now available from both CreateSpace and Amazon. I've placed my order, but until it arrives I can't give you the full list of stories. The only one I can name for sure is  "Skyler Hobbs and the Cottingley Fairies," by someone I see in the mirror every morning. But here's the lineup of all 29 authors in alphabetical (as in A for Abbott) order:

Patricia Abbott
Charles Ardai
Sean Chercover
Alec Cizak
Bill Crider
Hilary Davidson
Wayne D. Dundee
Garnett Elliott
Ed Gorman
Glenn Gray
Vicki Hendricks
Jake Hinkson
Chris F. Holm
Howard Hopkins
Courtney Joyner
Nik Korpon
Evan Lewis
Jodi MacArthur
Matthew P. Mayo
Matthew J. McBride
John D. Nesbitt
Vin Packer
Bill Pronzini
Keith Rawson
James Reasoner
Anthony Neil Smith
Larry D. Sweazy
Steve Weddle
Dave Zeltserman



Deka Black said...

Seems you're in good company!

Anonymous said...

Thought this was available in print, but all I see is Kindle. Rats.

Oscar Case said...

I wish you much success with this one, too.

Evan Lewis said...

BTAP R2 is a print book. Should also be available for Kindle at some point, but I haven't seen it offered yet.