Tuesday, May 22, 2012


OK, folks, I finally have this baby in hand, and am pleased to present for the first time ever on the World Wide Web (I think), the complete table of contents. Off we go . . .

Foreward by Sophie Littlefield
The Space Killers by Bill Pronzini
Far From Home by Vin Packer
King by Dave Zeltserman
Missed Flight by Steve Weddle
Purrz, Baby by Vicki Hendricks
The Little Boy Inside by Glenn Gray
An Open Door by Chris F. Holm
The Shadow Line by Charles Ardai
Ransom and Red Fingers by Garnett Elliott
Pillow Talk by Jodi MacArthur
Skyler Hobbs and the Cottingley Fairies by Evan Lewis
The King of Mardi Gras by Anthony Neil Smith
The Lake Bottom Bones by Wayne D. Dundee
Night Terrors by Jake Hinson
The Valley of the Skoocoom by Matthew P. Mayo
Shadow of the Cross by Larry D. Sweazy
A World You Don't Know by James Reasoner
State Road 53 by Alec Cizak
The Hand That Feeds Him by Patricia Abbott
A Special Kind of Hell by Hilary Davidson
A Good Kill is Worth Repeating by C. Courtney Joyner
Drifter from Wenatchee by John D. Nesbitt
Giving Dad the Finger by Keith Rawson
Ghost of a Chance by Howard Hopkins
The Quick ... and the Dead by Bill Crider
Rift by Nik Korpon
Big Darlene the Sex Machine by Matthew J. McBride
Maybe Someday by Sean Chercover
The Old Ways by Ed Gorman
Pulp Art: An Appreciation by Cullen Gallagher

Me gotta go now. Wanna start reading. Get your copy HERE.

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Charles Gramlich said...

a nice grouping there.