Thursday, December 6, 2012

40% off! Shock Troops of Justice & Bring 'em Back Dead

OK, I told you about the Lester Dent 4-pack (HERE) and the Spicy Western 3-pack (HERE). Now here's the Fighting G-Men 2-pack - a $50 Black Dog value, offered for a limited time for just thirty bucks. Shock Troops of Justice (I reviewed it HERE) brings you twelve adventures of Duke Ashby of the F.B.I. The author, Robert R. Mill did his homework, and it shows. Duke Ashby uses actual F.B.I. methods to bring fictional criminals to justice. And Bring 'em Back Dead delivers three pulp novels starring ace G-man Dan Fowler. The Fowler series ran in G-Men Detective for almost twenty years because it delivered the action readers craved. Order info HERE.

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Tom Roberts said...

Both these collections have excellent introductions as well.

SHOCK TROOPS OF JUSTICE sports an introduction by Paul Bishop, author of the Fay Croaker series and the party behind the Fight Card series; BRING 'EM BACK DEAD carries an introduction by Matt Hilton, author of the top-selling Harper Collins Joe Hunter series.

Both writers know their subjects well. Paul Bishop is a retired LAPD detective (twice voted detective of the year); Matt Hilton has a background in personal security. Their experiences offer insight into the world of crime from the point of trained professionals.

Tom Roberts
Black Dog Books