Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NEBEL, MILLER & WORTS: Black Dog's South Seas 3-Pack

Those Holiday Sale Packages from Black Dog Books just keep on a'comin'. This one strikes a special chord for me, because it features one of my all-time favorite pulp writers, Mr. Fred Nebel.

South Seas adventures stories were massively popular in the '30s because they took readers to exotic locales and pitted their heroes against unexpected dangers. Today, those locales are even more exotic - and the dangers even more unexpected - because this has become an almost lost genre. These three volumes are packed with great stories, this limited time offer brings you all three (a $55 value) for forty bucks. You'll find that deal HERE.

But wait! Black Dog is also offering a Bedford-Jones 2-pack, an Adventure Library 4-pack, a Classic Sci-Fi 2-pack, a Creeping Terror 4-pack, a Crime Time 2-pack, an Early Science Fiction 2-pack, a Fly the Killer Skies 2-pack, a Sax Rohmer 2-pack, a Western 2-pack and a Swordsmen of the East 2-pack. 

PLUS the ones I've talked about here on the Almanack: The Lester Dent 4-pack, the G-Men Galore 2-pack, the Spicy Western 2-pack, the Talbot Mundy 4-pack and the Best of Adventure 2-pack. Yikes. All great deals, and you'll find them all HERE


Tom Roberts said...

Nebel, Miller & Worts . . . sounds like a law firm!

In actuality, all three of these authors spent time at sea and their exposure to the profession shows in the fiction they composed.

Thanks for helping to spread the word.

Tom Roberts
Black Dog Books

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Cap'n Bob said...

Gee, if only I knew where to find a UK gaming store.

The Sulu Sea cover reminds me of a ventriloquist using a snake as his dummy.