Friday, December 14, 2012

Forgotten (and FREE) Stories: Lost Adventures of The CONTINENTAL OP

When I reviewed The Return of the Continental Op a couple of weeks ago (that's HERE), I noted that one of the stories, "Death & Company" (from the November 1930 Black Mask), had been out of print since 1947. At the time, I had it in my brain that this was the only Op tale so neglected. I was wrong.

Hammett scholar Robb McAllister kindly reminded me that the story "It" (from Black Mask of November 1, 1923) has been out of print since 1951. That story last appeared, under the title "The Black Hat That Wasn't There" in the digest collection Woman in the Dark.

That any Hammett stories are unavailable today is a travesty, and that Op stories are out of print is a crime. So I've scanned the digest versions of both tales, and I'm happy to share. Email me at, and I'll shoot them back at you.

And do not fail to check this week's line-up of Forgotten Books - at pattinase.


Deka Black said...

I don¡t read much noir. but among the few wordsmits i read is hammet. A story no reprinted from him is a shame!

George said...

All of Hammett should be available as an ebook!

Kassandra said...

This is great! How did work of the master escape reprints all these years? So these stories are in public domain--do you have any plans to create an e-book?

Evan Lewis said...

I'm pretty sure neither of these is in public domain. Why they were not included in the 2005 collection Lost Stories is a mystery to me.

Rick Robinson said...

Deka, I don't consider Hammett as "noir".

George, no, it should ALL be available IN PRINT, ink on paper.

Evan, thats so much for making these available!