Friday, December 20, 2013

Forgotten (and FREE) Race Williams stories: "A Corpse for a Corpse" by Carroll John Daly

Here's a holiday gift from Davy and me (and Skyler Hobbs, too) - a never-reprinted Race adventure from the July 1938 issue of Dime Detective. This time, Race is working for a group of high-minded citizens called The People Versus Crime. On the other side is a gang of hoods with a sense of humor. They form their own society, called Crime Versus the People, and devise grisly deaths for the good guys, laughing right up to the point where Race makes them eat bullets. All in all, a right jolly tale.

As usual, if you've already joined Race's Fighting Legion, and received the earlier nine stories by email, you'll be getting this one too. If not, shoot me a message at and I'll send you the whole shebang.

Nope, this is not exactly a Robert Barnard novel, but you should find some in this week's Forgotten Books round-up at pattinase

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