Thursday, December 26, 2013

What I got for Christmas

Yep, that's me, on a Christmas morning somewhat prior to this one, wearing my coonskin cap and pseudo-buckskin suit, brandishing my Marx flintlock pistol and riding my new red hobby horse. (That blurry thing at the bottom of the photo is a terrycloth b'arskin rug.)

Anyway, that horse was put out to pasture long ago, and I never knew what happened to him until we were reunited this year in a Phoenix antique mall. Here he is, wearing a $119 price tag, and looking just as fit as the first time we rode together. Sadly, I had to leave him behind. He wouldn't fit in my carry-on. 


Rick said...

Old Paint, I take it?

Rick Robinson said...

Sounds like that was quite a Christmas, Evan. Only problem is that horse doesn't look like the outdoorsy type.

Evan Lewis said...

Old Red Paint, I think.

Seems to me we did most of our riding in the Wild Frontier of the living room.

A said...


Cap'n Bob said...

I don't think my folks spent that much for my toys during my entire childhood.

As for Old Dobbin, I'm sure the shopkeeper would have shipped him to you for a small fee.