Monday, May 12, 2014

Cap Gun Monday: Leslie-Henry WILD BILL HICKOK

Most cap guns had plastic grips, meant to resemble the wood, ivory or pearl of real weapons. But a special few—like this one from the Leslie-Henry Company—had grips made of metal. These are especially cool because they're tinted to look like copper, and engraved specifically for this gun. This model is also unusual for its pop-top cap loader. Most Leslie-Henrys, like the Davy Crockett shown HERE, had the more common hinge arrangement.

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Cap'n Bob said...

A fine weapon.

David Cranmer said...

Are we going to talk Wyatt Earp cap guns soon? I heard there's an almost mythological kid's Buntline Special with a 12" barrel. :)

Evan Lewis said...

I posted pics of the only Buntline cap gun made in the U.S. here:

Sadly, the barrel is only 6 inches. Hubley also made a gun marked "Wyatt Earp" with a barrel about the same. Most cap guns of their size had barrels of 4 or 5 inches, so they're noticeably longer, but nowhere near where they should be. Most Earp cap guns (and there were a lot of them) had those shorter barrels.

A long-barreled black plastic clicker gun made in the U.S. sold for 69 cents. It looks good, but is cheap and flimsy compared to a real cap gun. I was never moved to acquire one. There's a pic here:

A nice Buntline was made in England, but if it was ever marketed here, I didn't see it. It came in both black and chrome plated models. Here's the black one:

Oscar Case said...

A nice looking gun.

Unknown said...

I have this same gun. It was my father's - born in 1933. He also had a leather holster with “ruby” studs decorating it. Do you have any idea as to value?