Friday, May 2, 2014

Forgotten Stories: SMART GUY by Cleve F. Adams (Read it Here!)

You may have noticed I'm a big fan of Cleve F. Adams. So far on this blog I've yapped about eight of his novels, and there are several more to come. I've also posted an earlier story from Detective Fiction Weekly, called "Jigsaw," HERE.

I recently gave Adams a shout-out in a piece called "Pulp Fiction: Unleashing the Inner Smart-Aleck," on the Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine blog (HERE), and penned an article called "Cleve F. Adams: Black Knight, Cannibal and Forgotten Man" for the Black Dog Books collection Windy City Pulp Stories No. 14 (a full list of contents and ordering info is HERE.)

Now here's the real thing, a complete Adams short story from Detective Fiction Weekly of August 12, 1939. The Stephen McCloud featured here appeared in Detective Fiction Weekly as early as 1937 and went on to star in Adams' 1942 novel, What Price Murder (reviewed HERE).


Cary Jennings said...

Thanks for posting another great story!

Our tastes in hardboiled literature run along similar lines. Adams, Norbert Davis, Richard Sale and Raoul Whitfield are all outstanding authors who are sadly neglected today.

I suggest you also turn your keen sights someday on the short stories of John K. Butler.

Evan Lewis said...

A fine notion, Cary. I too am an admirer of Mr. Butler, and have some uncollected stories I could scan.

Lexman said...

Thanks for this story, much appreciated!!