Thursday, May 29, 2014

E.C. Gallery: Johnny Craig on CRIME PATROL (1949)

Earlier CRIME PATROL covers HERE.


Rick Robinson said...

Have you read one of these comics? I don't remember ever seeing one, but the covers are cool.

Evan Lewis said...

I have the EC Library sets of all the New Trend and New Direction titles, but somehow failed to acquire the Pre-Trend sets, which included stuff like Crime Patrol. Stupid of me. So no, I haven't read these.

Anonymous said...

Russ Cochran, in association with Gemstone Publishing, reprinted a lot of EC comics in the 1990's. Single issues, with a $2.00 cover price. After they ran out of New Trend stuff (Tales from the Crypt, Weird Science, etc.), they started reprinting New Direction (Valor, Aces High) and pre-Trend (War Against Crime, Crime Patrol) issues sometime around 1999-2000. Don't ask; I don't have them any more.